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Hair is not matched by race but by texture. Achieving a natural look through matching the texture of the hair is key for rendering beautiful results and creating uniques styles. 

Our goal is to provide the highest quality hair extensions that are beautiful and long-lasting. Hair extensions that look and feel awesome with minimal maintenance. We desire to provide not just a product but a wonderful experience that you will love and trust. A product that naturally enhances your beauty whether you desire a bold look to something on the more conservative side.

Confidently shop with us. Customer satisfaction is a top priority of Lavished Locks. Don’t just see us as another hair company selling products, but use us as a source of information to learn how to take care of your extensions and your natural hair; learn of new products and processes, and allow us to be the inspiration to motivate you to be beautifully bold & unique.

Own Your Pretty!

About our Company

LavishED Locks is a Veteran, Woman-owned company that is here to support you to boldly express your beauty without limits and with confidence. Know you’re buying premium human hair extensions that will give you lasting results. Our human hair extensions are 100% virgin, cuticles intact and in the same direction from root to tip. This gives our hair extensions longevity for reuse, durability, softness, and shine.

Premium quality products and great customer service delivered with love are our goals to provide to each customer consistently. As the owner, it is my personal commitment to provide a dependable service that caters to empowerment, stimulates creativity and innovation, and touches the hearts of our communities.

We're not just selling products. We're inspiring lifestyles!

Experience the premium quality of our products.

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